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DT Microranger Series 5 Digit Panel Tachometers
Designed by Compact specifically for speed monitoring applications, the Microranger Tachometers are available in two power input options and two specification options, providing four choices to suit most speed indication applications with ease of set up & installation being the most important feature of these highly reliable products.

All set up controls are available externally for the user to access easily, all settings can be made without connection to a power supply.

Standard model - Key Features -
Single pulse per revolution input
Wide speed range 3 - 99,999 rpm
Large bright 5 digit LED display
Very stable readings
User selectable display resolution - 4 x options
Input for NPN Proximity & Compact Optical Sensors
Reliable accurate readings & simple installation
Mains 110/240vac or 12vdc versions

Multifunction model features (additional to Standard)
Input pulse divider range 1 - 999
Input pulse multiplier selectable x1, x10, x100
Sensor selection facilities for virtually all types available
Display resolution user selectable 4 x options

Speed Sensors
A wide range of Optical, Laser, Proximity and Magnetic types are available SEE Speed Sensors section

General Specification
Speed range
Signal Input

On target ind.
Input freq. Max

Power input options

- 3 to 99,999 rpm
- 0.05% +/- 1 digit
- Max 0.001 (selectable)
- 0.8 seconds
- Pulses from proximity, Optical,
Magnetic Sensors & Encoders
(NPN only standard model)
- Red LED in display flashes
- 1.7Khz or up to 150KHz with
Divider set at maximum
- 110/240AC or 12vdc optional
- DIN 48 x 96 x 145mm
- IP44 (IP55) with seal kit

- 24VDC Regulator unit

Additional Information Signal Output
This range of Tachometers provide a very easy to apply solution to many speed measurement applications.

Custom calibrated versions can be supplied to client's requirements, for example, where linear rate indication is required from a pulse rate from an rpm Speed Sensor, a custom divide/multiply ratio can be built in, time base changes can also be provided where the application demands.

The Multifunction version provides greater flexibility for retrospective installation on existing machines, especially where a variety or Speed Sensors are encountered.

Compact will design a special Tachometer for your requirements for OEM applications, please contact us with your specification, we will be pleased to quote you.

Compatible Speed Sensors - SEE our Speed Sensors pages


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