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TA701  7  decade digital timers

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 TA700 digital timer  
  • 96 x 48 mm DIN standard Housing
  • Time up
  • 115/230VAC or 12-28VDC supply
  • 12VDC output for proximity sensors etc
  • Front Panel reset
  • Run, Inhibit and Reset inputs
  • Non volatile memory (> 10years)
  • Crystal controlled accuracy
  • time ranges from milliseconds to hours
  • Optional RS232 & RS485 Outputs



Mode of Operation:     

The timer times up from zero when voltage is applied to the Run input. The time continues to accumulate while the input remains on the Run terminal and stops when it is removed. The Inhibit input will stop the timer running whilst it is applied and the Reset  input causes the timer to return to zero.

This unit enables the accurate measurement of the time duration of single events such as relay contact closure and proximity sensor pulse duration.


Time direction: Up
Time ranges:TA701 9999.999 sec, 99999.99 sec, 999999.9 sec, 9999999 sec, 999999.9 min, 9999999 min, 999999.9 hrs, 9999999 hr
Inputs: Run, Inhibit & Reset
Input signals: 3 to 30 volts D.C.  ( PNP type,1000 ohms to -ve line)
Supply: 115/240 VAC or 12 - 30 VDC 
Housing: 96mm x 48 mm DIN standard panel mounting plastic
Dimensions: 96 x 48 x 130 mm
Panel Cutout:  92 x 45 mm
Connections: Rising cage screw terminals
Order code TA701 , TA701-RS232, TA701-RS485




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