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Abtek Controls have for many years designed and manufactured instruments and systems to our customers specific requirements. These can be small modifications to standard instruments or a completely new design. With our many years experience and flexible approach a custom design is always an option even if quantities are low. Using the latest low cost micro-controllers we can usually develop a product very quickly - sometimes in days! Please call us to discuss your requirements and we will endeavour to solve your problems.

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Here are a few of our existing designs

Data Display Unit for Transboundaries Corp. USA

This unit was designed to display data and transmit commands to  a computer over an RS 485 data link for the control of order processing in commercial kitchens.


 Special Ratemeter - for Fusion UV Inc

Using our standard RM48 ratemeter, this item has modified software to provide a measurement of the speed of a belt on an Ultra Violet curing oven. It also provides an alarm output if the rate drops below a fixed value to prevent damage by the high power lamps. This shows how Abtek can provide a special design from a basic instrument thus giving the customer exactly what they want but at low cost.

Rolling Road Dynamometer - for Dynaroller Industrial Ltd.

Custom design

This product was designed to provide a low cost Dynamometer for the testing of vehicles. Employing a novel approach to applying the braking effort to the rolling road it can control a vehicle generating 300 horsepower at the wheels using a standard 230V, 13 amp outlet. Abtek Controls developed the electronics which measures and displays road speed, torque, brake horsepower and engine speed. 


High Voltage Linear Amplifier - for Leysop Ltd

This product is an amplifier that provides a linear output of up to 5KV from DC to 200Khz. It is manufactured by Abtek for Leysop Ltd who are a leading manufacturer of specialised optics and laser components.

Click to go to Leysop web site>    www.leysop.com

Rolling Road Taxi meter tester - for Dynaroller Industrial Ltd.

Custom design

This product was also designed for Dynaroller and is used to road test taxis on a rolling road. This enables the local authority to check the taximeters accuracy without taking the vehicle out onto the road. The unit accurately measures speed and distance in both metric and imperial units and prints the results out.





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