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CP448 4 decade digital batch counter

  • 48 x 48 mm DIN standard Housing
  • Count up
  • 5 Amp changeover relay output
  • 115/230VAC 0r 12-28VDC supply
  • 12VDC output for proximity sensors etc
  • Electronic count rate to 2.5Khz
  • Contact count rate 30Hz
  • Non Volatile Memory
  • NPN or PNP type inputs
  • Factory set input prescaler

Mode of Operation:     This counter is programmed using the panel touch switches to set the batch size. This value is stored in the non-volatile memory and is retained when power is removed. 

Pulses are counted until the batch size is reached then the relay is energised. The count will continue if more pulses are on the input but the relay remains energised until the counter is reset.

These counters can accept pulses from NPN or PNP type sources (user selectable) at count rates to 2 Khz or from contacts at up to 100 Hz (switches relays etc.) and are available with an optional non volatile memory that stores the count value in the absence of power.


Modes: single shot
Count direction: up
Setting: Touch switches
Inputs: Reset, Pulse, NPN/PNP select
Relay output: Single pole changeover  contacts - 5 amp at 240VAC or 30VDC
Supply:  115/240 VAC or 12 - 30 VDC (specify when ordering)
Count rate: 2 Khz or 100Hz (specify when ordering)
Memory: Optional non volatile memory , >10 years
Housing: 48mm x 48 mm DIN standard panel mounting plastic
Dimensions: 48 x 48 x 135 mm
Panel Cutout: 45 x 45 mm
Connections: 11 pin standard plug in base.
Order codes:  CP448F-AC    (fast count 115/230VAC power)
CP448S-AC    (slow count 115/230VAC power)
CP448F-DC    (fast count 12-30 VDC power)
CP448S-DC    (slow count 12-30 VDC power)
Add suffix 'M' for memory option
Input prescaler - Please consult sales office




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