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CDO  Analogue set Cyclic plug in timers

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  • Continuous OFF-ON cycling timer
  • 2 or 3 Pole changeover contacts rated at 8 amps
  • Standard 8 or 11 pin plug in base 
  • Panel Mounting 48 x 48 mm Din Case
  • 6 standard time ranges 
  • Different on and off time ranges
  • 5 supply voltages
  • Time set by rotary controls



Model CDO - Cyclic Delay On Mode of Operation:     On application of the supply voltage the OFF timing period starts. At the end of the OFF timing period the relay is energised and remains energised for the duration of the ON time period. The relay then de-energises and another OFF period starts. The timer continues cycling until the supply is removed.

Output Relay:  

2 Pole model 

Contacts rated at 8 Amp @ 240VAC resistive
3  Pole model Contacts rated at 5 Amp @ 240VAC resistive


2 Pole models  Industry standard 8 pin plug in base.
3 Pole models Industry standard 11 pin plug in base

Mounting:               All types may be panel mounted using the clamp supplied as an alternative to plug in socket.

Time Ranges:

1 2


4 5 6
0.1 - 2 seconds 1 to 20 seconds

10 to 200 seconds

1 to 20 minutes 10 to 200 minutes 1 to 20 hours

Supply Voltages:

12 24 48 115 240
12 VAC/DC 24 VAC/DC 48 VAC/DC 115 VAC 240 VAC

Order Code:

{model} {off time range} {on time range} {supply voltage} {3 pole}

example:      CDO.2.3.240  -  CDO 2 pole  model, 20 seconds off time, 200 seconds on time, 240 VAC supply

example:      CDO.    - Three pole CDO model, 20 hours off time range, 2 seconds on time, 12 VAC/DC supply


Factory set fixed times   The timer can be accurately preset to any fixed times. There are no external controls to prevent tampering with the settings.


PGS08 8 pin chassis or DIN rail mounting socket
PGS11 11 pin chassis or DIN rail mounting socket
FS08 8 pin free socket
FS11 11 pin free socket
SCS & SCL Retaining clips



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