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BT2000 Universal -Multifunction Digital Timer

!!!!!! Low Cost!!!!!    One device for many application - reduce inventory-save money

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This unique timer will cover virtually all your timing requirements in one instrument at a price that enables it to be used in place of conventional analogue plug in timers.


  • 48 x 48 mm DIN standard Housing
  • Time UP or Down
  • Multifuntion
  • 8 Amp changeover relay output
  • Universal 12 - 260 VAC/DC supply
  • Back lit LCD display
  • Trigger/enable input
  • Crystal controlled accuracy
  • Time from 0.01 secs to 9999 hours
Easy programming with clear LCD display and buttons


Mode of Operation:     This timer is programmed using the front panel push switches to set the time and mode of operation. The timer is set up while un-powered using the internal lithium cell. This unique facility enable the user to configure the device ready for pluging in on site.

Time Setting Decimal: There are 6 ranges in decimal format. These are:  99.99 sec, 999.9 sec, 99.99 min, 999.9 min 99.99 hours and 999.9 hours

Time Setting HH::MM::SS:  In this mode the timer can be set to any time up to 9999h:59m:59s. The display can be scrolled to show any four of the digits at a time.

All Modes can time UP or Down

Delay On: The timer  times  with the relay de-energised. At time out the timer stops and the relay goes on. The time period can start from power on or from closure of the switch input. Opening the switch input at any time resets the timer

Delay Off:  The time period starts with the closure of the switch input and the relay energises. The relay goes off at the end of the period. Opening the switch input during the time will reset the time (the relay remaining on) and time out from the last closing of the switch.

Delay Pulse:  The output relay remains de-energised for the set time and is then energised for 250 milliseconds only. The Time can be started  from power on or closure of the switch input.

Interval Delay:  This is opposite to Delaly On in that the relay is energised immediatley on application of the supply or closure of switch input and goes off at the end of the period.

Immediate Cycle:  The relay energise immediatley power is applied (or switch input closed) and remains on for the set 'on' time and then de-energises for the set 'off' time. This cycle repeats whilst supply and switch input are maintained.

Delay Cycle:  This is the reverse off Immediate cycle as above. The relay is Off for the first cycle and then comes on.


Modes   Multi function - see above
Time direction: Up orDown
Time ranges 999.9sec, 99.99sec, 999.9min, 99.99min, 999.9 hrs, 99.99 hrs & 9999hrs:59min:59sec
Inputs: Switch control - hard wired or volt free contact
Setting: Push switches and menu in LCD
Relay output:  Single pole changeover  contacts - 8 amp at 250VAC or 30VDC
Supply: Universal 12 to 260V AC or DC 
Housing: 48mm x 48 mm DIN standard panel mounting plastic
Protection IP65 (panel gasket supplied)
Dimensions:  48 x 48 x 99 mm overall
Connections:  Standard 8 pin Octal
Order code:  BT2000




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